The TriHealth Ayurveda Rasayana Program is a traditional Keralan Ayurveda program located on Kauai’s beautiful north shore in Kilauea. Kauai’s spectacular natural setting is reminiscent of the Western Ghats in Kerala, South India, the home of Ayurveda. We are nestled in a lush paradise, 20 miles north of the airport.


Recommended by Frommers…

“TriHealth Ayurveda specializes in Ayurvedic treatments, once reserved exclusively for royalty. These are deep-cleansing, rejuvenation massages (with two massage therapists working on you with synchronized movements while continuously bathing your body in warm, calming oil).”

Experience the Art of Caring


At the loving heart of any TriHealth Ayurveda treatment, of course are it’s therapists.

Specifically trained in the ancient tradition, their artistry is delivered with caring attention.

The intimacy and the sacred is what has kept me at TriHealth for all these years. TriHealth has the feeling of home away from home for me and for a lot of wonderful beings walking through the door, sensing our oils, essences, beauty and openess. For me, dancing with another therapist as we are giving generous healing is a real joy and privilege. I cherish that and hold that energy in my heart. Sliding down my hands, nourishing bodies and souls with an abundance of rich oils has become my meditation, and seeing blissful smiles on the table has become my ultimate reward!”
Isabelle Winninger, Kauai Massage Therapist