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“Thank you for a wonderful and peaceful experience. This is my new favorite treatment to have. There is no other spa treatment comparable.”
Marissa – Honolulu, HI

“I’ve experienced Swedish massage and Zero balancing techniques in the past, and today I had the good fortune to experience Ayurvedic massage. It was nothing short of spiritual.”

Rick – Warrington, PA

This is proof of heaven’s existence – a truly remarkable experience.”

David – California

“Thank you for the divine experience of a double-practitioner treatment ( I could literally feel my inner-self coming together). The Shirodara took me to another plane, so deep, satisfying and peaceful. My neck and shoulders (areas of chronic tightness) feel soft and lubricated.”

Bea – Princeville, HI

“My first experience with Ayurveda and it was a winner! At times I felt like I was in another world.”

Y.M. – Modesto, CA

“The best experience I have had on the Island. Thank you!”

Jackie – San Diego, CA

“Thank you very much for your energetic treatment that gave me deep relaxation and energy to my body and soul. You both move like one existence that has four hands – great work!!!”


“You have given new meaning to the phrase “sheer bliss”.”

Maureen –  Princeville, HI

“I felt like a little child being loved by two mothers. Thank you for your soothing touch.

“Floating in a liquid state, I was transported again to the place of self-discovery. Blessings to you, I can feel interconnectedness from your hands into your hearts.”

“Pure bliss!”
Crystal – Kauai

“Blessings to you both, for the unkinking, unwinding, the smoothing, the nourishing, the grounding. Those whom I touch and to whom I speak will be likewise touched by your loving kindness thru me.”

Tom – Kapaa, Kauai

“The first thought that came to mind after this incredible experience was – my private heaven. The unison of two beautiful women pouring warm oils and rubbing my body was unbelievably enjoyable.”
Myron – Kansas City, MO

“This being our first time, it was hard to imagine just how amazing it would be. This experience will always remain a cherished memory from our Honeymoon on Kauai.”

Jon & Margo – Jacksonville, FL
“The massage twins deliver balance to left and right with a gentle and firm rhythm and a heavenly oily scent. My body feels deeply nourished.”

“I have been all over the world and have had many, many different types of massage, this was the best! Anyone experiencing the healing arts must try this treatment.”

Jim – Lahaina, Maui

I feel on a new “plane” of a completely relaxed state of mind. A wonderful and peaceful experience. The shirodhara treatment along with the gentle sound of Kauai rain transformed into another “state of bliss”.”
Dee Ann – Dallas, TX

“Touched by the goddess and cleansed by the steamed water of mother earth…”
Michael, Colorado

“What a truly cathartic experience. The simultaneous massage was so beautifully synchronized, like a dance. The Shirodhara was all-over warming. So totally relaxing I emerged a different person. The therapists are so warm and welcoming, you feel at home!”

Tracy – California

“Wonderful, relaxed, content, peaceful are words that only begin to describe how I feel! I have regular deep-tissue/acupressure massage two times each month. Nothing compares to this! I feel whole, like my spirit is awakened and my body is healed.”

Heather – Grand Terrace, CA

“Absolutely unbelieveable! Relaxed is an understatement. No question, the best body treatment I’ve ever had!”

Jeanette – Frommer’s Kauai

From the moment I entered the Tri Health Ayurveda Spa, I knew this would be a special experience. What a wonderful massage! The rhythms of the massage, the oil, the music and even the Sandalwood in the shower made this an experience to remember!”

Kelly – Texas

“The two of you transcend Maya and bring the goddess of healing to earth! Thank you so much for quieting my Vata mind and bringing an indescribable relaxation to my body. I can’t wait to come back to Kauai so I can return to Tri Health Ayurveda Spa.”
Laura – Seattle, WA

“Mahalo Nui Loa for an amazing healing experience! I cannot imagine giving myself a better 63rd birthday gift! To be anointed, uplifted and touched in such an invigorating way was very healing. Thank you for dancing with my angels!”

Jane – Kapaa, Kauai

“Mahalo for the wonderful experience. Not only was my massage calming, as are all types of massage, but it brought a sense of inner tranquility that I have never experienced before during a bodywork session. You combine the sacred and the physical.”

Maggie – Milwaukee, WI

“Mahalo for paradise in paradise! We came all the way from Utah for this life changing experience and we can’t wait to come back!”

Sharie, Bountiful, UT

“First I surrendered, then I was an Egyptian queen, then I melted and was lava, and now I am pure light.”

“This was amazing! I felt alive and the most relaxed, all at once.”
Doug – Riverside, California

“It’s like having someone do yoga for you!”
Jim – Seattle, Washington

“Never has a massage been so complete for me. Perfect for mind & body! I felt completely cared for and honored.”
Jean – Mountain View, California

“The Ayurvedic synchronized massage reaches gently across the centuries to calm the mind, invigorate the body and refresh the spirit.”
Mike – Malibu, California

“After my first experience with Ayurvedic Synchronized Massage, I have another ‘must do’ every time I come to Kauai”
Nancy – Florida
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