Experience that rejuvenation is Real

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We all need to engage in special, periodic rejuvinative, renewal practices. According to Ayurveda, this requires a supportive environment, in a conducive climate, during a favorable time of year when there is warmth and moisture in the air. The Ayurveda Rasayana Program meets these requirements and more.

Our Program takes place on the North Shore of the beautiful and lush ‘Garden Island’ of Kauai in Hawaii where it is reminiscent of the Western Ghats in Kerala, South India, the home of Ayurveda.

Participating in our two-week Ayurvedic Rasayana Program with its daily Ayurvedic treatments is not only an unforgettable experience, it supports deep rejuvenation and longevity for your whole being. And after the Program, you will understand how to continue your rejuvinative journey so you can literally recreate your body.

From our Program you will experience:

  • Deep purification and nourishment at all levels of your being
  • Increased circulation in the digestion and elimination tracks
  • Opening and enlivening of all channels so internal energies, such as Shukra, Ojas, Soma, and Shakti, are revived
  • Increased awareness of your immortal Self and your own internal elixir
  • Lightness of being
  • Feelings of joy and bliss for no apparent reason
  • A knowing that you have everything, that there is no lack


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Transformation of Your Body and Mind

Two-weeks of Nourishmentline1line2

You will surrender to the gifted hands of the Program’s massage therapists. Trained in the Kerala tradition of Ayurveda, the body workers use timeless Ayurvedic treatments of Samvahana (synchronized oil massage), Shirodhara (warm oil to the brow), Sweda (detoxifying steam bath), Udwarthana (herbal paste detoxify), and Pizichil (warm oil bath).

The treatments use powerful Ayurvedic herbs that are delivered to the skin to open-up the tissues in the body to release metabolic waste. The longer amount of time the treatments are allowed to take place, the deeper the metabolic waste can be released, and the more profound the rejuvenation that follows.

In Ayurveda, the herbs that are used are viewed as healing gifts from Mother Earth. They are connected to her land, and as the land produces life, so do the herbs. They nourish you at a deep level to support your rejuvenation.

The Ayurveda Rasayana Program offers you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the company of yourself as you transform at the essential core of your vitality.

The two-week Program includes:

  • An orientation on the evening before the Program begins
  • A video consultation with Kerala’s finest Ayurvedic doctors in the Ashtavaidya lineage (Vaidyaratanam Oushadhasala) to assess the course of your treatment
  • Treatments tailored to your specific constitution and current state of wellness
  • A specialized regiment of TriHealth Ayurveda products, both internal supplements and herbal oils, as indicated
  • Three daily pure (sattvic) vegetarian meals
  • Gentle yoga classes
  • Approximately two hours of treatment a day, which will include various combinations of Samvahana, Shirodara, Sweda, Udwarthana, and Pizichil treatments
  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle education for healthy diet, exercise and practices to maintain your new state of being
  • A beautiful location in nature providing a supportive environment and the space for true contemplation and self-healing


Optional Extras:

  • Extra treatments
  • Extra TriHealth supplements
  • Participation in spiritual discourse/gathering (Satsang)


The Program requires a commitment and desire to achieve your goals of rejuvenation and longevity that will ultimately support re-creation of your body and deepened awareness of your immortal Self.

During the two-week Program, you will be asked to disconnect from your everyday responsibilities, including the use of electronics and other external stimulants so you can immerse yourself inwardly, as well as immerse yourself in the Program’s treatments and surrounding beauty of the Hawaiian tropics.