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Ayurveda is the oldest health care system known. Its roots are in India, where it is still the major health-care system for about a tenth of the world’s population. In ancient Sanskrit, Ayus means lifespan, and Veda means knowledge – so Ayurveda means the ‘Science of Life’, or ‘Knowledge for a long and healthy life’.

Ayurveda was not simply developed over time through trial and error, but was originally seen and understood in depth by enlightened seers.  So Ayurveda is not just someone’s theory, but it is considered to be an insight into how nature functions.

What the seers understood was that there are three controlling principles found in Nature.  They called these principles Doshas, and they named them Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The three Doshas are universal principles, found throughout creation, including within the body and the mind, the seasons and the personality.  They give a great deal of insight into how we behave, think, relate with each other, handle different foods and view the world, and give us deeper understanding of health and relationships – in short, how to be happy in life.


The Cornerstone of Ayurvedic Rejuvenation. Two classically trained therapists anoint you with potent herbal oil and work in synchronized movements to perform a vigorous and deeply satisfying massage. Followed by a detoxifying steam bath in our traditional rosewood steamer.


The queen of Ayurvedic Oil Therapies. After a brief oil massage, you are sent to the realm of bliss as warm herbal oil is continuously poured on your forehead and scalp in a rhythmic manner


The oil Therapy of the maharajas. In a synchronized fashion, two therapists continuously bathe your entire body with warm, herbal oil inducing swedana, or sweating, for elimination of impurities and absorption of nutrients


Herbal Therapy for Muscle Toning and Weight Reduction. Utilizing the Ayurvedic formula, Tiphala, an herbal paste is blended and massaged onto your body by two therapists using synchronized movements. The repeated motions over the hair follicles and skin tissue promote the breakdown of fatty deposits. Very Stimulating!

Why Our Practice is Special

Therapists are specially trained in the classical oil treatments of kerala India, home of the Ayurvedas renown purification therapy, Panchakarma, and incorporate the use of warm herbal oils to open and cleanse the pores of the skin to facilitate cell rejuvenation and release toxins.

The Island of Kauai

A place to find yourself

Kauai is Hawaiis oldest inhabited island, and over eight million years its volcanic soil has mothered the most interesting biodiversity of flora and fauna in the South Pacific. Within its compact perimeter (33 miles wide by 25 miles long) lie deep canyons, towering cliff faces, pounding waterfalls and shapely mountain ranges. Its diverse geography and climate command a sense of awe and reverence for the power of natural forces, the core concept of Hawaiian spirituality. A pure tropical paradise with ancient healing wisdom soaked in to the land. The oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, this land holds infinite portals to the Universe. Healers and those seeking enlightenment are drawn here for that reason.

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“Absolutely Unbelievable! Relaxed is an understatement. No question, the best body treatment I have ever had!”

Jeanette- Frommer's Kauai

“After my first experience with Ayurvedic Synchronized Massage, I have another ‘must do’ every time I come to Kauai”

Nancy- FL

“Absolutely wonderful! Just what we needed after an activity filled honeymoon. Thank You!”

Mandy Andrews -SC